Finding businesses to start with 50K especially business ideas for a student at times can be a hard nut to crack. In this article, I have outlined 10 Businesses you can start with 50k as a student. Businesses outline here are ones that will definitely bring profit to the table if taken seriously after startup.

This article we also be of value to those asking “What business can I start with N50K in Nigeria” as the business ideas for a student outlined here in this post are also businesses to start with N50K in Nigeria.

10 Business you can start with 50k as a student outlined


Blogging is one business you can start with just N50K and make money as a student. You don’t even really need a PC. Just with your Smartphone, you can write, edit and publish your entire article on your blog without stress.

How to start a blog in simple steps

Chose a niche that is a  category of life you would love to be writing on

Pick the desired blog name

Register a domain name for your blog and a host if you chose to go with WordPress CMS

Install WordPress and customize your blog.

Start writing and publishing articles on your blog

Promote your blog

Monetize your

Check out a post I had written on How to monetize a website

You can either get a Website designer to do all that is involved for just a small token or go to YouTube and watch some videos on how to set up your blog.

Keep on writing great content, grow your audience and monetize your blog and start earning money with it.

Get your blog website built for just N45 right away and start publishing your article, Contact Loya Blaise

Writing, publishing, and selling E-books

Writing, publishing, and selling ebooks is a good business you can start with N50k as a student.

You don’t even need to be writing them all by yourself, there is plenty of plr website out there where you can go get the free ones, edit, get a graphic designer to design a sweet cover, and start selling it out.

Do you intend to learn how to create an eBook within 12 hours & making money selling ebooks, drop a comment in the comment section or better still get in touch with Loya Blaise

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POS, Mobile banking, and TV subscription

All you need here is to register as any bank POS agent or with any fintech firm like Opay, kudi, and a host of others.

Many of them will give you the POS terminal for free however, you will pay a security deposit or caution fee which is normally not up to N50K.

You must not start rendering withdrawer and deposit services big. Start small and grow as the day passes by.

As you a student, you don’t even need a sales point, you can be carrying your terminal with you always so that you can render services to your schoolmates anytime and anywhere.

Since most of the terminal providers offer TV subscriptions, that will be a plus to you also.

Popcorn Production

Popcorn sells on campuses like mad and is a business you can start with N50K as a student. Just with a strategic position around the campus or on the campus, you will sell enough popcorn to make a good profit to pay bills why you are in school.

You need nylon sealers, popcorn popper, ingredients, and then corn. All of this will cost you not more than N50K

A Retro Kitchen Electric Popcorn maker cooker machine costs about N42800 on Jumia.

Rero Kitchen Electric Pop corn maker
Retro Kitchen Electric Popcorn maker

Check out the  price and of a Retro Kitchen Popcorn maker on jumia

Recharge Card/Data Business

Recharge card business and Data business is one that will continue to sell so far as we don’t stop making calls. As a student, you don’t even need any physical setup before you can start recharge and Data business.

You can sell cards to your mates either in the classes or hostels. This day, you can even be selling it without carrying the card in papers with you. All you need is just o purchase from various service providers and sell through transfer to whoever needs it.

For Data you can even contact a website developer to build a VTU portal for where you can be managing your data sales virtual. People will be purchasing even when you sleep in your bed.

Let’s create your VTU Website right away

10 Business you can start with 50k as a student outlined

On-Demand Cook Business

An on-demand cook business is one where clients contact you to help them make food anytime on-demand when they need it for a fee. A very good business if you are a good cook.

As a student, getting powerful networking will never be a problem for you but you have to have good cooking skills.


Though at first, people will know you that much but with time as you continue to deliver, your clients will start recommending and referring clients to you.

You definitely need to print complimentary cards which will help you networking and getting people to know what you do. For your complimentary card, contact Notch Design. They will always give you the best at a considerate price.

All cooking utensils will not cost you above N30K perhaps you will need to start small then grow. At first, you can even be borrowed from neighbors some stuff you need.

With time you will grow as even register your business and turn it into a full kitchen. Check out Bells Peters Ihotu who now manages a full kitchen, Ihoto’s Kitchen, and runs the show in the whole of Makurdi metropolitan.

Ihoto's kitchen menu
Ihoto’s kitchen menu

Puff Puff & Plantain Chips Business

Puff Puff and Plantain are very popular chips sold on and around the campus. Its is not cost demanding as you just make them, brand them and supply them to different shops, supermarkets or sell directly to students on campus and earn a daily income from it.

A puff puff dispenser does not cost more than N3,000.

A plantain chipper with exchangeable blades goes for N4,000. There are even some slicers and cutters lesser than that amount

The cost of buying the materials and transport will not level above N30k and you can produce this at your own convenient time, supply, and make food profit from it.

See the Prices of puff puff dispensers and chip slicers on Jumia

Selling of Noodles

The selling of Noodles is very lucrative as it serves as fast food which is loved by all on the campus. Just get a gas cooker, cooking utensils, seats for customers, and a strategic position, one that I always filled with people.

Noodles sellers make approximately N100 on each plate of noodles they sell. Let’s see the cost breakdown

Gas cooker – N10,000 [you can even get a second hand from any graduating student which will be cheaper]

Double Burner Glass – N18000 [not necessary but will help in serving your customer fast]

Utensils (Plates, spoons, and forks) – N 10,000

1 Carton of Noodle – N3,000 above (You can buy from the wholesales shops which are cheaper and better)

A crate of eggs – N1300

2 benches and 1 wooden table – N15000

With this, you should be broke sister get doing something today

Social Media Account Management

As a student, all you need to start managing social media accounts, pages for businesses and people is just a Smartphone, a good number of followers.

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Make sure you have a catchy profile on the most used social media platforms around you. Approach small businesses or people who can not do this by themselves and tell them you will help them reach their targeted audience just for some small paid fee.

Though you need some level of content writing and copywriting skills to be able to create mind-blowing copies for your clients who will make them want more of your services.

For your copywriting training, contact drops a comment in the comment section below and I will personally respond and give you the way forward.

Drop a comment stating you need copywriting templates and I shall personally push the ones I have been using to your immediately.

Soap production and beauty products

You can start making liquid soaps for either bathing or washing, facial creams, and other simple body products, brand them and distribute them sell them out to fellow students at cheaper rates or even supermarkets.

All the chemicals involved in getting this done will not cost more than N50,000.

You can pay someone to teach you how to make all of that if you don’t know.

How do you finance a Small Business?

It’s either you have this said N50K with you already in your bank account, in your home or you are still sourcing for it. It’s sacrosanct you understand a little how you finance a small business that needs such capital.

There are just two major ways to which you can finance a small business and they are:



For loans, you know they are monies you are going to pay back but for grants, you really don’t need to pay back.

Another way is by allowing people to invest in it by purchasing stakes in the business which will serve as capital in exchange for a share of the profits. I will really love to talk much about financing a small business but I leave that for another day.

Don’t just read and pass, if you are a student who can afford 50K then you need to take seriously these business ideas for a student and venture into today.

Feel free to also state the business you feel a student with capital up to 50K can start below the comment section. We appreciate that very much.

Do also share this article on social media so to help your followers gain the value you have gotten from it today.