100 best startup ideas to make you money in 2023

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Starting up a business is never easy, and I know how frustrating coming up with the best startup ideas which will give you the highest chance to success and enable you make money in 2023. This article presents to you 100 best startup ideas as a solution to the problem faced in trying to set up a startup. Read through and get the secrets many business start ups wont tell you.

100 Best Startup Ideas for 2023

You can find immediate inspiration and start your creative process by reading this list.

1. Online Coaching and Consulting

In a way of sharing your expertise and earning from it, you could start coaching people online about a particular thing. You could organize your classes in form of WhatsApp groups, telegram groups or even private Facebook groups where only those who have paid for the fee would be allowed access in. You could also clear people on some issues and cases when you are approached, and you will be paid for doing so.

2. Social Media Management

Help individuals and companies who need help in handling their social media pages and be paid. It’s one of the business start ups that does not even need big capital. Just with your smartphone and the knowledge of creating content for social media, you are good to go.

3. Food Delivery Service

You could come in between the people ordering from restaurants and those restaurants who need their food to be delivered to those making orders. You will be paid either by those restaurants or those ordering the food as the case may be. All you need is a means of transporting the food safely and in good hands to the person who made an order. You can either be doing it by yourself of involve others who serves as riders while you pay them at the end of every month.

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4. Start a dating site

Starting a dating website where people could find love. The dating market will always be in demand so you could make use of the opportunity. You can hire a website developer to help build you a dating website. You will earn money from this through membership payment and other special community privileges you might implement. Make it spicy and see yourself making it huge from it.

5. Personal Fitness Trainer

A very good number of persons out there are looking to stay fit and healthy and as such in need of someone who could help them in keeping fit. One thing about personal fitness trainer is that this has to be your passion or profession.

6. Podcast Production Service

Share your knowledge about a particular subject with the outside world.. Have a podcast platform and start creating content around a subject or topic you are highly knowledgeable and passionate about. Create high quality content, offer them out for free and charge a fee for some of your contents too. You could also charge other persons to host their contents on your podcast platform. With a podcast, you could get paid in form of donations and even sponsorships. People would pay you to include or mention their business during your podcast presentation.

7. Mobile App Development

With little or no unique programming skills, you could start startup a business for yourself. The market of mobile app is not in any way going away. You can be developing mobile apps for people, business and brands while they pay you. There are a lot of No-Code app builders out there you can use two, three days and start making money using them. Get started with Appcreator24 right away. Apart creating for people, you could have your personal apps and make money from paid advertisement programs and even membership payment.

8. Travel Planning Service

The travel planning services is one of the greatest startup ideas. As you help people navigate the complexity of travel, they pay you. All you need is a knowledge of the globe, tourist centers, best travel routes, travel airlines and best accommodation places around the globe.

9. Digital Marketing Agency

Apart social media handles and accounts, you could help individuals or companies grow their online presence. From mapping out their strategies to creating content making sure they get leads from social media and their products and services are being pushed to people online.

10. Interior Design Service

Use your sense of aesthetics decoration skills to make money by helping people with their interior decorations whether at home, offices of events like weddings, birthday parties and other gatherings. This in a way need some startup capital because decorations materials are not cheap to come by and that why pay for the job also is huge.

11. Home Cleaning Service

Start up a home cleaning services and let people with busy lives pay you for saving their time and at the same time maintaining their homes for them. You could turn it into a company and employ works so as to cover a wide range of customers.

12. Online Mental Health Counseling

In days where many out their take their mental health very serious, you could make use of the opportunity and make money from it. If you are a medical personnel attend to people when they need mental health counseling.

13. Start a blog website

Start a personal blog just like blissnaija.com and stand a chance changing your live financial for good. For you to start up blog website, you just domain name which is gotten at the rate less than N2000. If you don’t have funds on your, you don’t need to worry because you can use blogger.com for blogging with paying any cash. You could earn from your blog through paid advertisement, PPC ads like Google AdSense and even by taking sponsored posts. Get your domain name here.

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14. Grocery delivery service

Starting up a local grocery delivery service is one of the startup ideas that will fetch you good money. All you might need here a smartphone and maybe a delivery transport. Help people with tight schedules shop for groceries and deliver to them. To make it easy, partner with some grocery’s shops where you can always get to supply.

15. Flip failing websites

Flipping website is just the process of buying existing websites and reselling them with added gain and value. Here you need knowledge of website development, or you could hire one who will be in charge of improving any website you buy in order to add value to it before selling it out for a profit.

16. E-commerce Store

You could start building e-commerce stores for business. If you have you won product, creating an e0commerce stores where people see and pay for your products will be a very nice way to tap into the market while building a fortune for yourself.

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