100 Best ChatGPT prompts that will help your writing

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The time and efforts put into creating of great content has been a thing of worry. These awesome 100 free ChatGPT prompts presented in the article will go a long way in helping you in your writing. They will help you push for more efficient and effective in getting your content ready whenever you want to.

100 Free ChatGPT prompts.

I will keep on updating these free ChatGPT prompt till the 100th one, so keep on visiting and refreshing because we shall be updating the list every day. I will love you to read my guide on crafting effective ChatGPT prompts for a better productivity in all workflow.

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1. Writing blog ideas

For you to generate a simple blog article, you could use this ChatGPT prompt

Generate three blog ideas for the following keywords: [word 1] [word 2] [word 3]

2. Write a welcome email

Are you owning a product, membership website, program or a forum? You could welcome all audience when ever they signed up this awesome ChatGPT prompt.

Write a welcome email for [Product Name] which does the following [Description of Product] with the following benefits [Benefits of Product] and has the following[Call to Action to for users]

Am new to ChatGPT, and don’t know how to get started with it and use 👇

4. Summarize the paragraph

You have a product and wishes to write a product welcome message which should be forwarded to new users or subscribers of such a product. use the prompt below:

Write a welcome email for [Product Name] which does the following [Description of Product] with the following benefits [Benefits of Product] and has the following[Call to Action to for users]
Free ChatGPT prompts - chat gpt environment

You can as well use ChatGPT in getting a vivid product description and the call to action to use by telling ChatGPT what you product does.

5. Write a Google Ad description

Writing highly converting good ads copies for products has never been an easy one but with ChatGPT, you can do that withing seconds and without stress. Just use the prompt below

Generate a Google ad description that is SEO optimized for the following product: [describe product]

6. Landing page headline

You want to design a landing page for your service or product where users will first land and know much about your products, use the prompt below to get a captivating landing page headline for your product.

Write a landing page headline for [What is the product] with the following benefits: [Benefit 1], [Benefit 2], [Benefit 3]

These particular prompt is one i use almost everyday as a website designer in designing bespoke landing pages for my clients.

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7. Write a customer testimonial

Someone just rendered you a service and you want to drop a testimonia messages on his website but dont know how to go about it. Just copy the prompt below and paste into ChatGPT.

Write a customer testimonial for [Company Name]’s [Product Name] where they like that [Product Name] has the following benefits: [Benefit 1], [Benefit 2], [Benefit 3]

8. Write a Sales Email

You have a new product and would like your clients to get to know about it be moved to buy. Send them a mail my using the prompt below inside ChatGPT.

Write a sales email for [Product description] and [Call to action]

9. Write a Discount or Offer Email

Customers love it when discount is been given on a product of service. Let your customers know they will be getting a discount for buying a particular product. Let ChatGPT draft out the mail for you by using the prompt below:

Write a discount or offer email for [Item name] with [Discount/offer] and [Call to action]

10. Write a Holiday/Special Occasion Email

You want to use you brand and organize an event during the holidays but don’t know to write in the mail. Paste the prompt below inside ChatGPT and it will give you samples of mails to pick from.

Write a holiday email for [What is your/company’s name] which [What do you do] for [What is the occasion] and [Call to Action]

11. Act as a Talent Coach

Are you a talent coach who wishes to know exactly what should appear in a curriculum relating to a particular join title? If Yes then the prompt below is for your

I want you to act as a Talent Coach for interviews. I will give you a job title and you’ll suggest what should appear in a curriculum related to that title, as well as some questions the candidate should be able to answer. My first job title is “Software Engineer”.

The Software Engineer appearing above is a particular job title, you could change that to your preferred job title.

12 Act as a Legal Advisor

Are you a legal advisor? use this prompt to get advises from ChatGPT on what to do about various legal issues.

I want you to act as my legal advisor. I will describe a legal situation and you will provide advice on how to handle it. You should only reply with your advice, and nothing else. Do not write explanations. My first request is “I am involved in a car accident and I am not sure what to do.

You can visit ChatGPT and start using these awesome ChatGPT prompts.


Don’t just read through, put these Free ChatGPT prompts into practice, and you will really see that you have been missing something valuable here.

Let’s me know your best prompts in the comment section and don’t for to share this article with your friends so that they could obtain this value you have gotten today.

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