20 Free business ideas for ladies in Nigeria

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The moment you know these 20 Free business ideas for ladies in Nigeria, your problem as a lady who is thinking of a business to go into in Nigeria is half gone.

These ideas are very helpful because I have seen most ladies worrying over what kind of business to venture into and it’s what drove me into putting this article together to help out those with the same issue.

The most interesting aspect is that these businesses can be started with little or no capital and they still have a high success rate just like those that are capital-intensive.

20 Free business ideas for Ladies in Nigeria

1. Tutoring

business ideas for ladies in Nigeria - woman laughing
Laughing African female teacher looking at a camera with a class at school

Offering your services as a private/personal tutor to children and getting paid by their parents or even starting extra lessons in your own house. It takes only your brain to prepare students for either WAEC or JAMB UTME exams. The interesting aspect here is that you could even start with the primary pupils where not much brain stressing is required.

2. Start VTU and data selling

Virtual top-up and data-selling business is one business the ladies could take up without much hustle. With only N5,000 any lady could start up a recharge card and data-selling business. This day you have virtual top-up websites that you could register with them as a reseller as a starter and progress to even having your own VTU and data selling website.

Are you a lady wishing to go into the VTU/data selling business? Get on a trusted VTU and data selling platform or website where you could just start reselling by buying cheap airtime and data bundles and in turn selling them out to your audience. All you need is just fund your wallet as a vendor and start making money day and night on their website or mobile app instantly.

Apart from buying cheap data and airtime, most of these platforms offer bill payment gateways like paying for your cable TV, event tickets, and a host of others.

Some of the trusted VTU/Data selling platforms/websites

  1. hawkit.com

Hawkit is a social task platform where members earn money by performing certain tasks like sharing ads on WhatsApp statues, liking Facebook pages, and following people on Instagram. Recharge cards and Data are also sold here at a cheaper rate. With Hawkit, you could even start vending data and recharge data. You can click here to join Hawkit now

  1. https://1app.online
  2. https://1gb.com.ng
  3. https://www.vtu.com.ng

3. Childcare or Daycare business

In the big cities where parents rely on data care centers to take care of their children while they are away for work, this is a very great and big business idea for ladies in Nigeria. Knowing the correct individuals will provide you the potential to make a lot of money in business.

For you to set up a childcare business, you have to note that you have to be able to cope with the kids and keep them occupied while their mummies are away. You will also need recommendations for this business as parents will only leave their kids in the hands of those they could trust.

If getting recommendations would be a thing then, you could also work as a nanny for households with kids.

4. Fast food/Instant noodles Selling


Shey you no Sabi cook noodles(Indomie)? This is a business you will do well in once you have the market base you desire. Just position yourself where people will need your services and that is all. Go around the campuses and count the number of fast food and noodles stands at the cafeteria and see what kind o patronage they get. Everyone wants something fast and light, something yummy and sweet. This business does not require much capital.

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For this business idea, I advise you to start up small so as to be able to service your unique demands in small quantities while you learn the secrets of the business. This will help you avoid waste as compared to if you start with a large production capacity.

5. Hairstyling

Nigerian lady making hairstyle

All a lady needs in starting a hairstyling business is just the hair plating skills shikinna, nothing less. This business can be started in the community and right in your household.

I have this lady close to our family house in Benue State, she started making hair for the women in the area for some little cash immediately after she graduated from secondary school. 3 months later, she had turned her house into a well-known hair-making and styling place.

All you need as a lady is just to take some days and learn hair-making and you are on your way to making cool cash with any capital to start the business. Even the learning does not really require much cash as some ladies could even teach you that for free. In my community, it is a norm for girls growing up to learn how to make hair so it’s a plus for them to be able to start up hair making as a business.

6. Vegetable farming

A Vegetable farmer market showing colorful various fresh organic healthy vegetables.

Vegetable farming is one of the FREE business ideas for ladies in Nigeria that I love so much. This is because is in the agriculture sector. a vegetable farm can be cultivated around the house at no cost. Ladies, the only thing you need here is the seedlings and that’s all. You could not really be spending money on getting fertilizers or herbicides as on the small scale, you don’t really need all of that.

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7. Blogging

Blogging is act of generating and publishing articles, tutorials, stories, and other forms of information on the internet.
With information or a discussion website, you could start making money. I love blogging as a business idea is one suitable one any lady could go into without much stress.

All you need here is:

  1. A domain name
  2. Hosting plan
  3. A profitable niche is an area your blog will be all about.
  4. Original and valuable content
  5. A monetization approval from a PPC platform e.g Google AdSense

You could decide to go into giving out celebrity gist, trends, and guides to your audience on social media why pulling them to read the full stories on your blog website.

Then how do you make money blogging? Very simple, you could make money from blogging through:

  1. Displaying of PPC click advertising like Google AdSense.
  2. Affiliate marketing is where you help people advertise, and sell their products or services while you take a commission.
  3. Allowing sponsored articles and content on your blog while you take payment from the owners of those content.

With N30K, you can start a blog and grow it into a money-making venture. Note for you to keep a blog successful, you have to be consistent in writing valuable, great content and ensuring that it’s kept to SEO standards.

Do you want to start up your own blog just like www.seotraffichub.blogspot.com? Contact Loya Blaise, who will help develop a professional, responsive, and high-speed blog site for you.

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8. POS/Mobile money business

POS point of sale terminal for credit card payment on yellow background. 3d illustration

In as much as this business is like MTN “Everywhere you go,” you could make a fortune out of it as it does not really require much. This is one of the hottest free business ideas for ladies in Nigeria and has been flooded by females too.

You can register to pick a POS machine with any bank that does the services or any financial body that offers POS machines to customers. some of them are Kudi, Opay, moniepoint, Xpress point, Baxi box,

With most financial bodies like Opay and Kudi, you can get a POS machine with them at just N30K while you keep raw cash of at least N50K for transacting with customers on a daily basis while taking a commission for each transaction.

9. Social media account handler

As a lady, you could be managing social media accounts for individuals and companies while you get paid for overseeing the account’s interactions with the public. This could be through curating and posting content on the account on a weekly or monthly basis and getting followers to engage with the social media account or page.

As a social media account handler or manager as the case may be, you analyze engagement data, identify trends in customer interaction and plan digital campaigns to build a community online for either a business or an individual. This business idea does not require any cash to start it. Just with your smartphone, the business did start.

Individuals and even companies here in Nigeria will pay you as much as N45K and above for you to handle their social pages for them.

Other Free business ideas for ladies in Nigeria are

10. Vlogging

11. Beauty brand

12. Event planning business

13. Fashion design

14. Digital agency

15. Make-up business


If you really follow these ideas, pick one which interests you and put it into practice, you will see a great result. Please do let me know which idea you wish to go into in the comment section.

Do you have an idea that you think I didn’t include and do you feel it should be included? Let me hear from you in the comment section.

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