These 9 Powerful words to use in marketing your business will get clients paying.

After reading many write-up copies to make clients buy from you, i came up with 9 Powerful words to use in your in marketing your business.

This words when included in either your conversation or ads will spur your clients to buying from you.

9 Powerful words to use in marketing your business

FREE: The word free is very power when used in marketing your business. This is because who can resist free offers? i guess there is just no one not even you. Yes! You i mean. Get the Free in your ads or even conversation and see the magic it can do.

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BECAUSE: You don’t tell them to buy from you, give them a reason they need to buy the product of why the need that very product. Because shows your clients why they need it.

RISK-FREE: Who buys a product or gets a service(s) that will tomorrow frustrates them or be risk to their existence? actually no one does that. Make your to fee secured giving their money for it.

LIMITED: If there is a word that just get client in a hurry to get your product then it’s “limited”. Now, let me tell you, scarcity creates a sense of urgency. Always make them feel it’s in scarcity.

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DON’T MISS: When you know you have a products that your customers will definitely need, capitalize on the fear of them missing out on it to get them rushing it. Tried this many a times and it did made purchase faster within shot periods.

EASY: Hey! Who wants what will put stress on them? just nobody, including you reading this post. So just make them feel it’s easy with your product. No one wants to deal with hussle.

INSTANTLY: Is it delivery, gift attached or payoff of money? It preferable you promise them it will be instantly.

SECRET: Who doesn’t like hacks? For me, i love them. Everyone wants simple tips/hacks. Tell your clients their are secrets attached and you will see them buying like never before.

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