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Advertise with us and build a relationship with your audience. Sales and profit are boosted as a result. It makes buyers aware of a new product and provides public media with income.

it is a source of revenue for public media and creates awareness among customers about a new product. This is necessary for any company to build its brand and make the targeted audience aware of its services.

At blissnaija.com we want to help you promote your business, site, or product through blog posts, banner ads, or text links placed on the blissnaija.com website.

Below are the categories of adverts we provide

Sponsored Posts: This is where we create a blog article about your good or service and highlight it there. A wonderful strategy to market your company and improve your internet presence is through sponsored articles.

Banner Ads: We offer various banner ad sizes and placements on our website. You can choose either to display your banner ad on specific pages or our entire blog.

Text Link Ads: On our blog, we can provide a text link to your website. Text link advertisements are a powerful tool for increasing website traffic and search engine optimization.

Rich Media Ads: We offer rich media ads such as pop-ups, interstitials, and expandable ads. These types of ads can capture the attention of our readers and deliver your message effectively.

Video Ads: We can include your video ad on our website. A terrific method to promote your business and interact with our readers is through video adverts.

Please note that all ads are subject to approval. We have the right to reject your advertisement if it conflicts with our principles.

Please send the following information to ads@blissnaija.com if you’re interested in advertising with us:

  • Your name and company
  • Type of ad you’re interested in
  • Duration of ad
  • Your website URL
  • Any other relevant information or questions

Our personnel will get back to you immediately with our advertising rates and availability. Do check our policy and terms

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Thank you for considering advertising with us!

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