Author name: Ene Ohepo

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Overcoming Business Challenges and Thriving Despite the Bad Economy

Overcoming business challenges is something businesses should not overlook. This is because running a successful business has never been easy. irrespective of your planning and preparations, challenges are bound to arise. From financial difficulties to market changes, these challenges can put a tremendous strain on your resources and in a way test your leadership skills. …

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The Act of Being a Good Parent

Introduction Understanding your child’s needs Providing emotional support Creating a stable and nurturing environment A good parent might appear different for every household and incorporates a variety of criteria, being a good parent depends on the cultures and ways of life. Among the essential components of good parenting are: Showing your child that you care about them and are there for them by showing them your love and support. Creating boundaries and regulations: To help your child understand what is expected of them, set up clear boundaries and guidelines not forgetting about discipline and moral support. Effective communication involves talking to your child, listening to them, and being honest and open with them. Participating in your child’s life: Show an interest in their activities and academics, endeavor to be available when needed and ensure that …

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