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With season 5 of BB Naija coming to a close, let’s take a look at what the Housemates are likely to face on the outside? Life on the outside.

With a lot of things happening in the world right now, let’s imagine what the housemate are likely to meet on the outside.

Arsenal won the FA Cup, Chadwick Boseman passed away and we finally got to see Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan amongst other things. These will be a good time to explore some of the things the Housemates are about to face the moment it’s lights out in the Lockdown House.

COVID-19 is still outchea

Most of the Housemates hoped it would be over by the time they were done in Biggie’s House, the pandemic threat is still out here. The Housemates will have to come out of the House and pick up the safety practices of wearing masks and limiting physical contact and other health guidelines they had long dropped since they entered the House.

Restaurant, Bars and Cinemas are back open

On the bright side, public places like cinemas and bars are being opened and we are now allowed to dine in restaurants instead of just takeout. Housemates should have ample fun things to do and interesting places to hang out when they come out.

The clubs aren’t open yet, so Vee, Laycon and other Housemates that planned to shut down the clubs will have to wait for a bit.

BBNaija 2020: Life on the outside

Curfew relaxed

In more good news, curfew has been relaxed till 12 am, so they can still have much fun hanging out till late. But just like Cinderella, they have to be back home before midnight.

Who knows, celebrity status might get them a free pass, but let’s not risk that. So when it’s almost midnight, its time to skedaddle.

We still can’t fly outside the country just yet

For some of the Housemates who plan on leaving the country or going on vacation, they might have to hold on a bit till international flights get the green light from the powers that be.

This must suck for Housemates that won all-expenses-paid trips. Not to worry, it’s just delayed gratification. Once the airport opens, they will have a blast. In the meantime, since local flights have resumed, they can tour around the country and meet their fans.

Rainy Season is back

It’s been raining back to back for days now and it doesn’t look like it would be ending anytime soon. We know how moody the rainy days can be but the Housemates don’t have to worry, nothing can rain on their parade.

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They are stars now and not even the cloudy skies can dim their brightness. All they just have to do is make sure they take umbrellas along for their press tours. They don’t want to get wet while they make their way from the car into the different places they will be entering.

It almost feels like the Housemates stepped into the House yesterday and now that we approach the finale, it’s only fair the Housemates know what awaits them on the outside and what life is like now.

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