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E-Blezz Naija Investment

E-BLEZZ NAIJA INVESTMENT is a guaranteed saving and investment platform which offers you an opportunity for you to grow your finance as you save over time.

Savings here are invested in E-BLESS NAIJA FOOD PROCESSING AND DISTRIBUTION LIMITED and other agricultural and business ventures which are managed and controlled by entrepreneurs under the supervision of E-BLEZZ NAIJA FOOD PROCESSING AND DISTRIBUTION LIMITED with terms and conditions.


Helping the average Nigerian to make a gain from his savings and the young entrepreneurs to have access to funds to finance their businesses for steady and better financial growth.


You can invest your cash securely with a 20% interest on return for a duration of 3 months. Your 20% interest can still be splitted into monthly payment why the savings is paid at the expiration of the 3 month duration.

As little as N100,000 N200,000, N500,000 and above, you can invest and be sure of your interest at the end of the 3 month duration.

Withdrawer of funds is at no fee or charge which is only at the expiration of the 3 month duration.

Contact Us

If you have any question, comments or concern regarding Terms and condition and policy involved, please contact us at investify@blissnaija.com

WhatsApp Or Call: 08166163756


No 48, Otukpo Rice Mill

Benue State

Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm

E-Blezz Naija Food Processing and Distribution Limited

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