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As the clock keeps thinking, Big Brother Naija Lockdown season 5 Housemates today had to show their skills as individuals and as members of teams to win Tasks and stay in the Game. It’s was really fun and interesting as could be seen on their faces showing support to one another.

Many a times i have had this notion that “nothing good comes out of this show” but today after watching the “Four teamwork moments” i have had a change of mind about the who show. The housemates’ display proves that together we conquer and divided will fall.

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Believe me it’s only those who don’t love a good show of teamwork will say they didn’t see that after watching it. Let’s take¬†a look at four instances where they showed great teamwork that led to¬†victory the Big Brother Naija House!

When they capitalise on their skills

Who can forget when the Housemates won their first Thursday Night Wager? After¬†three weeks of losses, it was definitely a sweet and well-deserved Win. Most of all, however, who remembered the countless¬†hours that went in¬†their rehearsals¬†as well as the first time we saw¬†Trickytee¬†in a director’s role,¬†leading in his own personal style?

When they have a point to prove

Who watched the poetry slam?! Besides¬†‘Tranquility’¬†the main thing that came through in their presentations was their very obvious support¬†of one another within their teams. No matter which speaker came up, their team members were ready and willing to¬†applaud and shout in agreement. It showed too, as they won their Wager. As we said, when they band¬†together, they are winners.

Housemates today had to show their skills

When it means something

How about the Wager that required the Housemates to¬†search deep and talk about their heroes? We certainly remember. Though they didn’t work together on the Tasks, they did all support each other. Housemates gave each other ideas and feedback throughout the process. This one meant something and they were all very willing to sit and listen to each other, feeling emotions with one another.

Housemates today had to show their skills

When they all know what they are talking about

Though¬†there was a little¬†commotion about the content¬†of the show, the groups soon got down to it and showed us that they knew their stuff. When the whole team was involved, we even forgot for a moment that there was ever any animosity to begin with! The geng gelled and got together to make sure they could do their best impressions, motivated by each other’s laughter and claps of approval.

In as much as there has been a lot of drama in the house since the show started, this guys have showed great teamwork many times. To my today was one my favourite. Which times were yours?

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