How to activate MTN 450MB for N50 easily today

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The MTN’s fantastic offering of MTN 450MB for N50, one of the MTN cheapest data plan is for those looking for a budget-friendly data plan that allows ample access to the world wide web. This comprehensive guide lays out in simple language exactly how to activate this option swiftly and effortlessly on your MTN line. This means you can experience fast and reliable internet connectivity without stretching yourself financially – all thanks to our expert advice!

Benefits of the MTN 450MB for N50 naira data cheat code

By utilizing MTN’s cheap data cheat code, you open the doors to numerous advantages and benefits, including:

Unbeatable Affordability: With this offer, MTN has revolutionized the cost of data, making it more accessible to a wider audience. By paying just N50, you gain access to 450MB of data, ensuring maximum value for your money.

Extended Data Validity: Unlike other data packages, the 450MB plan comes with an extended validity period, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted browsing and online activities for an extended duration. This means you can savor the benefits of this plan without the constant worry of data expiration.

Reliable and Fast Connectivity: MTN, renowned for its superior network coverage and speed, guarantees a seamless browsing experience with the 450MB for N50 data plan. Stay connected, stream your favorite content, and engage in online activities without any buffering or interruptions.

Data Allocation Flexibility: The 450MB data plan caters to a wide range of data needs, from casual browsing to social media interactions and even light video streaming.


  • An eligible MTN SIM
  • Mobile device(Android smartphone or iPhone)
  • Airtime on your sim

Unveiling the MTN 450MB for N50 Data plan

This data offer is SIM selective, as stated above. If your SIM is not eligible, you should simply try a different SIM. As of this writing, this MTN Cheap Data offer is based just on luck and does not require any other techniques.

  1. From your phone Dialpad, Dial *131*87#
  2. A popup message will display, reply with 1. one-off purchase
  3. You will receive a message stating your plan activation is successful if you are eligible for the plan
MTN 450MB for N50 Data plan - MTN cheapest data plan

After successfully activating the MTN 450MB for N50 data plan, you should be able to enjoy fast and reliable internet connectivity with you phone till when it exhausted. With the plan, you can browse anything on the internet and its valid just for 14 days.

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Can I accumulate the MTN 450MB for N50❓

To accumulate the MTN 450MB for N50 data plan, repeat the activation process again and again. With just N200, you will be able to get 1.8GB which will be valid for 14 days, that is 2 weeks.


Now that you have known one of the MTN cheapest data plan, stop wasting you cash just because of staying connected. With the MTN 450MB for N50, you will browse the web, stay informed, explore, embrace the digital world at an unbeatable price and make the most out of your online experience without the worries of money for your next subscription. This data plan is way cheap.

Let me know in the comment section whether it worked for you or not, I promise to get something special just for you. So, keep visiting for valued packed article like this one. You can also checkout the MTN 1.5GB for N200 here

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