Do you know that you can increase your WhatsApp status views by 1K+? In this post, I shall show you how to get 1K+ WhatsApp status views for free.

Please I would love you to read and follow through without missing a single line. I promise you won’t regret the time used in reading this post.

I believed you were and still are excited about hearing that you can gain over 1000 plus WhatsApp status viewers just for a single status display? Anyways feel free to drop a comment in the comment section at putting this to practice. Tell me how goes and I will personally reply to your comment.

One good aspect of this is that you can gain cash with your heavy status views. Through sponsored posts which you could charge your clients as low as N200 to reach over 1000 views in 24 hours.

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By the time you have gotten up to 60 clients, you should be making over N10,000 in a day or two. Is it that cool cash without stress? so, let’s see how to get 1K+ WhatsApp status viewers on single status.

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Am sharing this with you because I trust it going to work for you. This method has worked for me and you won’t even need to be posting your number on any social media to get this view. No group joining of any kind, no telling of people to add your number up in order to view your status.

How to get 1K+ WhatsApp status views

This is all you have to do:

  1. Gather people in a group, two or more groups
  2. Export all contacts into a file with a .vcf extention [Give the file a fancy name]

So, how do you gather people in a group? very simple:

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Perfect, you have successfully given out your contact to everyone in the group. Sit down, relax and watch as your views increases. This is dependant on the number of contacts you added to the file.

It’s my hope that you found value in this post? so, if this was helpful don’t forget to share on social media so that others too can benefit from it. You could also have a say in the comment section below. I will personally reply to your comment.

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