How to make money with your phone daily in 2023

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In this article, I will show you how to make money with your phone daily by using legit websites that pay you for performing simple tasks on the go. This is your opportunity to learn some legit ways to earn some extra cash with nothing but your phone on a daily basis. The article also explains how to make money fast with the methods and strategies treated.

One thing you should note is this article is not and never financial advice but just a source of gaining some cool cash for yourself. You should note that unlike cooperate jobs where you might still be paid at the end of the month, here you will have to work to get paid.

Others who read this before you are making this money and know why you have not been making it. YOu will see it at the end of this article so, keep reading.

How to make money with your phone daily

The strategies you are about to implement in order to be able to make money with your phone here involve the use of websites that pay you money daily. These websites are free of charge and they also pay you in naira so, it’s a win-win for Nigerians. You shall be carrying out some simple tasks within these websites. Tasks like taking surveys, reviews, liking social media posts and commenting on social media posts, writing content and a host of others.

Websites that pay you money daily

These websites detailed below are some of the legit ways to make money online with your phone. so if you wondering how to make money online with your phone then check out those websites that pay you money daily below:

1. Sidegig

how to make money with sidegig

Sidegig is an online platform for freelancers that gives you the power to earn as much as you want just by carrying out some simple tasks online. There are a lot of tasks on sidegig you could do and get paid. Tasks range from music review, survey, data entry, promotion, review, app download, and a host of others.

The payout threshold for sidegig is only N4000. This means once you make money up to N4000, you can withdraw straight to your Nigerian bank account.

The interesting aspect of this for Nigerians is that you will be paid directly in Naira and there is no limit to what you could earn. So, make money while you are staying online. importantly you can also earn some cash by just referring your friends to register on sidegig

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2. Payroute

how to make money with payroute

Payrout will also pay you in Naira for performing simple tasks online. Tasks on payroute range from watching videos, offerwalls, and many more you can think of with very fast payment. It is absolutely free and needs no fee for registration.

So, how do I get on payroute? It is very simple. All you need to do is to sign up and fill up the form and start exploring the benefits of this platform.

3. Nairaworkers

websites that pay you money to complete task

Nairaworkers has a lot of small tasks that will give you great results. This will connect you to thousands of tasks ranging from social networks, testing websites writing, data entry, installing/testing mobile applications, and taking surveys.

My advice here is that, due to plenty of people floating on the website, you will have to find the tasks you are good at and focus on them to make money while staying online.

To get started, register on Nairaworkers by filling out the form to create a free account. You will also earn from referring people to register and get started on Nairaworkers. When you refer people, you get to earn a percentage of every deposit made and cash from tasks carried out by those persons. To increase your earning by referring others, share your affiliate link on social media platforms, blogs, and forums and also include them in written reviews and be able to bring more members while making a fortune for yourself.

Nairaworkers does not allow the creation of multiple accounts so, you will be penalized for creating multiple accounts so be warned.

4. Freebyz

how to make money fast

Freebyz gives you the opportunity of making money online with your phone just by doing social media jobs like on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and a host of other social media platforms. They also pay in Naira.

So, are you the type who wastes time on social media without earning some cool cash? Register here to get started on Freebyz and start showing your social media skills.

How to make money on Freebyz

There are basically 4 ways to make money on Freebyz. They as listed below:

  1. By completing tasks
  2. by hiring workers who could engage with your social media posts why you earn from them
  3. By referring friends and family to register on Freebyz
  4. By logging in every day as they pay

Any of these could be applied to make money fast on Freebyz. To get started, Click here


Websites to make money online

Its interesting to know that these websites are a great way you could start earning money by doing a couple of things. They are open to everyone provided you will do what its required of you.


ysense is an online website which reward you for carrying out simple tasks like surveys and participating in offers. If have been looking ways to earn extra income then you are in the right place.

They offers their members variety of opportunities. They also offers an affiliate program where you can also make some cash for yourself.

7. trymata

Trymata will pay you for giving feedbacks.

8. userinterviews

How to make money fast on tasks, survey & websites

Most of the websites and platform detailed here which you can make money with at the comfort of your homes are offering one or two tasks or surveys which when completed, reward is been given.

For you to be able to go above and make money fast with them, you will have to do the following:

  • Always go for high paying tasks and surverys and make sure to complete them before moving on
  • When you have found a desired task, explore it very well in order to do what is required of you
  • Always completed what is required from a particular task
  • Don’t forget to send proofs is it required as it the key to you been rewarded


For you to be able to make money online with your phone, you have to know a lot of things that can guarantee you those avenues of making money smoothly. Making money online is not rocket science, it is just common sense so, make sure you check out all those websites mentioned above in order to get your own share of what they are offering today.

Before you go making the money, share this article with your friends and relatives so that they too can get the benefit you have just gotten from it today. Also if there are any websites you feel I should include on the list, do comment it below and I will check, confirm and do just by adding up immediately.

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