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Even though he has his feet planted in the international scene, Nigerian music superstar, Ayodeji Balogun aka Wizkid, has said that he doesn’t really care about drawing international appeal to himself.

The singer made this known in an interview with BBC where he talked about his art and some of the things that inspire him to make music.

Wizkid in a portion of the interview said he doesn’t feel any pressure as he simply likes to keep his life normal.

Singer Wizkid says he doesn’t care about international appeal. Photo: @wizkidayo/@wizkidnews Source: Instagram.

On the subject of not caring a lot about international appeal, the singer noted that it does not in any way mean that he doesn’t care about his foreign fans.

The singer said anyone is free to listen to his music or come to his shows. Wizkid, however, stated that there is no goal in mind as to making a particular type of audience listen to his music.

He added that he likes to keep things easy and simple.

In his words: “Whoever listens to my music listens to my music, whoever comes to my show comes to my show. I just keep it easy and simple.

There is no goal as to who I’m trying to let listen my music. I’m just really enjoying life.”

Meanwhile, EntVille previously reported that Wizkid opened up about how much his sons mean to him in a new interview.

According to the father of three, family is everything to him and that it is what keeps him grounded.

Wizkid also talked about why he is usually unfazed about talks on social media and how he finds it easy to ignore them.

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