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In reaction to Amnesty’s report yesterday Intersociety, other CSOs laud Amnesty. The human rights group, Intersociety in a statement signed by its chairman, Emeka Umeagbalasi said:

“We at Intersociety are proud of Amnesty International because of its towering integrity and uncompromising stance on truth and consistency.

“Its latest statement on Lekki Tollgate massacre has said it all. Despite being caught in the act and in spite of overwhelming pieces of evidence linking it to the shooting at Lekki, the government is not only denying but also placing monetary penalties on electronic media that covered and aired the butchery.

“They are also threatening those that spoke out and reeled out video and pictorial evidence. Neither the government nor the country’s security forces have accepted responsibility and brought the perpetrators to book and adequately taken of the victims for similar killings in the country.”

Following suit, other Civil Society Organizations, CSOS, have also commended Amnesty International for compiling and  releasing a timeline on what many have termed “Black Tuesday.”

The CSOs, who were part of the #EndSARS movement, made the commendation in separate telephone interviews with Vanguard  in Abuja last night.

Intersociety said the report was good to the extent that it allowed room for an answer to the begging question of who ordered the shooting of peaceful protesters at the Lekki Tollgate penultimate Tuesday.

“Amnesty International is not given to sensationalism. The report is pretty nice and detailed. It goes to support the testimonies of eyewitnesses on the ground when the shootings occurred,” said Ariyo Atoye, convener of the Coalition in Defense of Nigeria   Democracy and Constitution.

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Inibehe Effiong, the legal counsel to #RevolutionNow Movement,  has also commended Amnesty International for the report, saying it has provided a strong basis for people to hold the government and the military authorities to account for the many lives that were lost during the #EndSARS protests.

Effiong has encouraged the people of Lagos state to continue to demand for justice over the Lekki shootings. He expressed optimism that in due course, the will and aspirations of a greater percentage of the people that  those who participated in the shooting would be brought to book.

“The Nigerian military has a penchant for covering up evidence of similar killings as in the case of the Shi’ites and IPOB. But the report by AI, has provided a strong basis for all those involved in these kinds of senseless killings to be identified and sanctioned.

“We hope that the outcome of the panel of inquiry set up to investigate the shooting reflects the will and aspirations of a greater percentage of the people,’ he said.

Raphael Adebayo, Convener of Centre for Liberty, said the timeline report has also cleared the confusion regarding the position of army authorities on the shootings.

“Now, with the AI report, the resilient youths who stuck their necks out in demand for an end to police brutality can find some closure knowing that the injustice against them would not be swept under the carpet. That is why the civil society coalition is demanding for an independent panel of inquiry into the Lekki shooting

“We can see the army authorities have changed their positions on more than one occasion since the ‘Black Tuesday’ shooting,” he said.

You will be recall that it was in the news that the Army, in a statement, has denied shooting at the protesters, noting that the state government invited the Army to help restore order after chaos ensued.

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