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Kiddwaya up for eviction again after being nominated in the second nomination. Ozo, Prince, Dorathy, and Kiddwaya are up for possible Eviction in the second Nomination session by the Big Brother Naija Housemates.

Last week Biggie changed things up and made the Housemates Nominate who they felt should go home during the Sunday Live Show, and this week that was the case again. This was a change from what happened during the first six Sunday Night Eviction shows.

For the first time since the show began, Trikytee won Head of house games, and he chose Laycon to serve as his deputy. The Housemates had a Diary Room Session where they named two Housemates for possible Eviction this week. Here is how the Housemates voted during their Nomination Session:

Housemate                                     Who they Nominated

TrikyteePrince and Kiddwaya
VeePrince and Dorathy
Prince Ozo and Nengi
KiddwayaVee and Prince
DorathyKiddwaya and Neo
LayconOzo and Dorathy
NeoPrince and Dorathy
NengiDorathy and Prince
OzoPrince and Kiddwaya

The result shows that Prince got the most Nominations with six, Dorathy received four Nominations, Kiddwaya received three Nominations, while Ozo received two Nominations. They are now up for possible Eviction and it remains to be seen who will leave Biggie’s House during the Sunday Night Live Eviction Show.

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