Mohbad: The Sonic Journey of an Afrobeat Phenomenon

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Mohbad, the name that resonates with Afrobeat enthusiasts, was more than just an artist. He was a creative force, blending neo-Fuji rhythms with contemporary Afrobeat and Hip-Hop influences to craft unforgettable musical pieces. In this tribute to his artistry, we explore some of his most memorable songs that left an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene.

The Fusion of Influences

Mohbad’s music was a melting pot of influences, seamlessly blending Fuji, Afrobeats, and Hip Hop. This unique fusion created music that not only entertained but also conveyed profound truths and his genuine nature.

1. Marlian Anthem – 2020

In 2020, the music scene witnessed the emergence of a remarkable talent. “Ponmo”, the track that introduced Mohbad to the world. With Lil Kesh and Naira Marley by his side, Mohbad effortlessly merged Fuji rhythms with a smooth Hip Hop flow, all while finding melodic pockets like a true Popstar. The street-hop anthem excelled in its party-starting properties and its relatability.

2. Rexxie, MohBad – KPK (Ko Por Ke) – 2020

“Ko Por Ke” (KPK) stands as one of the biggest songs in the history of street hop. It wasn’t just a song; it was a cultural phenomenon that still lingers in the hearts of listeners. This track catapulted Mohbad to mainstream success, setting the stage for his meteoric rise.

3. Ponmo – 2020

Mohbad’s affiliation with Marlian Records during the peak of Naira Marley’s reign led to the creation of “Marlian Anthem.” This mesmerizing anthem perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the Marlian movement, which defied societal norms.

4. Holy – 2020

From his debut EP ‘Light,’ “Holy” provided a delightful insight into Mohbad’s life. This track encouraged listeners to embrace their flaws and imperfections, a message conveyed through a pleasantly melodic tune.

5. Feel Good – 2021

“Feel Good” showcased Mohbad’s brilliance as he reimagined James Brown’s classic “I Feel Good” with a Neo-Fuji twist. This single became a smash hit, solidifying his status as a unique talent in the Afrobeat genre.

6. Peace – 2022

“Peace” was a standout track in Mohbad’s discography. With the mesmerizing Log Drum as its backbone, Mohbad poured out his frustrations while expressing his yearning for the peace needed to pursue his career. Sadly, this desire would be tragically cut short.

8. Ask About Me – 2023

After a highly publicized dispute and his departure from Marlian Music, Mohbad made a triumphant return with “Ask About Me.” In this track, he reaffirmed his defiance and his unwavering pursuit of his dreams, showcasing his exceptional talent once again.

“Ask About Me” was released precisely on the 26th day of August 2022. A song which has since been uploaded on YouTube gathered over 2 million views.

Let’s take a moment to bid IMOLE a heartfelt farewell. To an extraordinary artist whose songs touched lives, we say May God keep you, till we meet to path no more. Your music lives on, and you will always be in our hearts. Rest in the Lord

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