MTN Data Plans – N200 for 1GB for 7 Days code

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In this article, I shall be discussing one of MTN’s most affordable data plans, the N200 for 1GB plan, which offers seven days of internet access at a highly affordable rate. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the N200 for 1GB plan, its subscription code, eligibility, and advantages, as well as how to subscribe to other MTN data plans.

In Nigeria, mobile data is an essential commodity for users of the internet. The need for affordable data plans cannot be overemphasized.

Highlight of N200 for 1GB Data Plan for 7 days

The N200 for 1GB Data Plan for 7 days is one of the most affordable data plans offered by MTN Nigeria. This plan provides MTN users with 1GB of data for just N200, which is valid for seven days.

For light internet users who wish to remain online for a week without going over budget, this package is the ideal option.

Additionally, the N200 for 1GB plan allows data rollover, which means any unused data from the previous subscription is carried over to the next subscription. This plan is available to all MTN Nigeria customers who meet the eligibility criteria.

Importance of affordable data plans in Nigeria

In Nigeria, accessible data plans are crucial for a number of reasons.
Firstly, you need plenty data to stay online in Nigeria owing to the fact that service providers changes high for data consumption rate. As a Nigerian, you need affordable data to enable you in some aspect of your daily life including communication, education, business and even pleasure. As a result, accessible data plans are required to guarantee that you can access the internet.

Secondly, most individuals in Nigeria cannot afford pricey data plans due to the country’s hash economy. Most Nigerians typically make less than N1000 a day, and data plans can consume a sizable portion of their earnings. Hence, these affordable data plans will bridge the digital divide and ensure that they have access to information and opportunities.

How to activate MTN N200 for 1GB

For you to activate and enjoy the MNT N200 for 1GB plan, you need to follow these easy step-by-step processes to get it done.

  • Dial *121# and send/call
  • Reply with “2” (Data4Me) in the dialogue box of the pop-up that displays
  • Reply with “2” (Enjoy 1GB for N200)
  • Select option “1” (Activate)
  • Done! You have successfully subscribed to MTN 1GB for N200.

To purchase or subscribe to the MTN N200 for 1GB data plan, you are required to follow the simple steps stated below:

  • Open your phone dialer and insert the offer USSD code, *131*65# and send using your MTN line.

You can watch the video before if you are not cleared.

Advantages of the N200 for 1GB data plan

The N200 for 1GB data plan is very cost-effective, making it a great choice for clients who want to stay online without going over their budget. It is perfect for casual internet users who don’t require a lot of data.

Data rollover: The N200 for 1GB data plan enables data rollover, which entails carrying over any unused data from one subscription to the next. Customers will always receive the most value for their money thanks to this functionality.

Speedy internet: The N200 for 1GB data package from MTN Nigeria boasts one of the fastest internet speeds in the nation. Users can take advantage of quick and dependable internet speeds, which make downloading, streaming, and surfing simple.

How to check the data balance

To check the MTN N200 for 1GB data subscription balance, you are required to follow the simple guideline stated below:

  • Open your phone dialer and dial this USSD code *312*5# and send using your MTN line

How to check MTN data balance

Customers can check their data balance on MTN using the following methods:

  1. Dial *559*47# on your MTN line and your data balance will be displayed on the screen.
  2. You can also download the MyMTN app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and log in to check their data balance.

The steps listed below can also be used to check your MTN data balance.

  1. In your phone settings, Click on “Network & Internet”.
  2. Tap on “Data Usage”
  3. The amount of data you have used will be displayed.
  4. You can even set you you data limit so as to be notified when your data is about to finish. to do that, set your data limit to 1 or 2 megabytes less than the night data bundle you subscribed to.

How to subscribe to MTN data plans

MTN Nigeria provides a number of ways to sign up for its various data plans. Clients can select whichever way is most practical for them. Here are the several ways to sign up for MTN data plans:

  • USSD code
  • MyMTN App
  • MTN Website
  • Direct recharge

Other MTN Data plans

N200 for 1GB -MTN data plans


In summary, this article highlighted the benefits of MTN Nigeria’s N200 for 1GB data plan, which include affordability, data rollover, and fast internet speed. I recommend this plan to customers who require a reliable and affordable option for light internet usage.

I also emphasized the importance of affordable data plans in Nigeria and provided information on how to subscribe to MTN data plans using USSD code, MyMTN app, MTN website, or direct recharge. It is essential to compare different data plans from various service providers to find the best plan that suits individual needs and budget.

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