This piece, secrets of networking of copy is not a guarantee of success in making new connections online.
The result you are bound to get after here depends on your application of everything that is said herein.

I’m Loya Blaise
Web/Graphics Designer & digital skills enthusiast.
I help people, brands and businesses connect with people through the application of appropriate digital skills.

In this life, you should know God & know man.
You can see that in Nigeria even to get food at a wedding reception, you must get a connection with any of the people sharing.

What is Networking?

This is what GOOGLE is saying

The action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.

Networking simply means meeting and connecting with people and nothing more.
In this Global village of ours, I keep on telling those I come in contact with that:

  • Family and close friends are not enough for someone to get the real thing from this society.

For you to enjoy the juice, know person weh know person weh no person.

Owning the facts that the world has finally moved online and not coming back;
We should focus our networking on Networking online.
Yes! I said Networking online

Now, the big questions is:

How should one with people online get all the rewards that come with connecting with them?.

Personally, I have made and have more friends online than the ones I have offline.
This is apart family members as I earlier said above “Family and close friends are not enough for someone to get the real thing from this society”
A lot of my friends I have learnt & still learning from, taking after their steps are once I met online and 90% I have never met offline.
That’s the power of the virtual space we are in.

I had known what Corel and graphics were about but I started learning the fundamentals of graphic design from a friend I met here online.
Since then I have taken up graphic design to complement my web development.
The likes of Paul Akinola & Godwin, I have never met but still learning a lot about graphics from them.

Before we continue, Let’s do something.
I shall be holding a class here on “Content Creation”
I will love to reach out to 200 people and only you can help me achieve that.


Borrow me 2 slides from your WhatsApp status.
Share the post am going to post here next.

Okay, Let continue

So, why should one Network?
Let’s talk about the benefits that come with networking.
As someone, I was discussing earlier today said Who Neworkinig help?

I don’t try to meet people here online just for them to be viewing my status.
The moment you start connecting online with such a mindset, you will lose it all.

Here comes the main deal

  • We Network with people because we want to learn from them.
    There just no man or worman born of a woman who can know everything on his or her own.
  • Networking opens you up to opportunities
    I got learning graphics design from an WhatsApp group. I got that link sent directly to me from a friend i met here online.
    It happens that he was learning content creation from me.

Now, if I may ask.
Are you always shy when it comes to connecting with people here online?

Ohhh! If you are still shy to answer then send me a DM.

Now, let me break it to you.
Yes, you.

You haven’t been shy it’s just that you don’t know how to get things done.

It’s not about what you will get first.
It’s about friendship first, any other thing is second.

What do you need them to do exactly?

  • Is it to help you share your product or services online through their status?
  • is it for them to patronise you?
  • is it for them to help you connect with other people?
  • is it to help you generate income?

Hey! whatever it may be, please make friendship first
Let them understand you need friendship before anything else.
I know it’s hard getting the friendship from people personally but to an extent, it’s possible.

I was able to get a full group for my first content creation class in just 5 days. God helped me and KLT was in place
For you to establish a well-cemented friendship online with people before you need them for cash, you have to bring in the KLT factor

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What is KLT Factor?

  • K:Know
  • L:Like
  • T:Trust

Let me warn you before you will start uploading your full gallery on your status in the name that you want them to know you, like you and trust you.
Loya Blaise never said that.
The people you are networking with only want to know the fellow behind the business they are patronising, not what you sell all time.
Once they know you, they can like and get to trust you.

Secrets of networking

Before you start collecting money, build a relationship.
Give & connect with people before you collect from them.
This is because we don’t create this money, we get it from our customers and clients because they are the ones with our money.

So, in establishing KLT, you have to give value.
Let them gain from you because it’s only by making an impact on a lot of persons that you can make an income out of them.

Get their problems solved
Give them value at no cost
They will now see your products, services, training, ebooks and any other thing you do as the only solution.

By the time you have given them value and a lot of great content, they will need what you do and you will also need their money.
Deal done! That’s how we roll.

Why do you think am putting up a free Content Creation Bootcamp?
Let’s me get your views then we continue.

I must be open and blunt with you here.

Whatsoever your area is, whatever you intend to make money from here on the virtual space, you have to try and give value to your audience in the first place
Only then will you sit and watch them give you their money without struggle.
This is because they now KNOW, LIKE & TRUST you.

No, be selling always oooH.
My sister, my brother give value before you will sell.
Successful selling continues after a KLT is established

How do you increase your network-connection

You should know how you can increase your network because this can bring about an increase in clients.
You don’t have to be selling to the same set of persons all year round.
Increase the number and your pocket go swell add.

During content creation class which was paid sometimes in 2020, 58 persons gave me N500 an entry fee.
Out of which I only knew 7.
Yes, I said only 7 persons.

You see, it’s not just only about the ones you have known ooh
Increase the number and more money will come.

Have it at the back of your mind that Networking is not about status viewing.
Go back to how we started so that you get the gist again.

What I am saying is this, increasing your network will increase your net worth. If about 100 persons view your products sometimes, you are just likely to convert only 10 – 20.
Now, when i say your money is with stranger and not your family neither friends, it’s not like they want to patronise you ooh. They may not just be interested in what you do.

I see alot of persons sending messages to group members as soon as they land in any WhatsApp groups or webinars.
You do this and save their numbers so they save yours and most of you end it there.
After that what next?
You become the status viewers geng.
Am saying this from experience because i have done that many atimes and i still receive such messages from people.
Definitely, those who have not been on that road before.

When I land in a group or attend a webinar, I don’t leave like that. I try to meet new persons even without sending messages to everyone there.
Now, let me tell you something.

What am I even saying?
What am saying is this:

  • Never you leave WhatsApp trainings, webinars, seminars or conferences without meeting, connecting/networking with new persons.
    This can be realized by reaching out to the active ones during these trainings or classes.
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You can check:

  • Bios
  • DPs

Why are should you do that?
You do that to see if there is any relation in your niche.
But you can also just randomly connect with them.

So, the base of the audience I have so far on my network is never magic, I build it intensionally if not strategically with these secrets.

Don’t be surprised if anything you have been doing all this why was wrong

Now, look at what happens when you network with people the wrong way:

  • The ignore you
  • They insult you
  • They block you

People not responding to your request to connect online is never about being proud ooh
Most of the time, it’s your fault.
The way you try to connect is just in the wrong way.

At this junction, I will love to teach you the proper way to draft a networking pitch that will help you in connecting with people here on WhatsApp

See! Yes, you…
I mean you.

After today if you catch Cubana in any WhatsApp group, deploy the tools am going to give to you now.
it’s a promise, you will catch him.

See, with a great pitch you can win a lot of friends here online.

So What is a Pitch?

To be short and straight, a pitch involves the message and other stuff add up and send to people so that they can connect with you.
I know you must have had your own way of pitching too.
But let me tell, it’s not just jumping into any group and doing copy and paste.
You will only end up being frustrated because a lot of the people in that group will IGNORE you and pass.

These are the mistakes we often make when connecting with people on WhatsApp

  • All about me syndrome: The reason you need a large network is not just to gain, gain, gain. That’s why networking does not work for most of you.
    Let it not be about:
  • Getting more clients
  • More money gain
  • Securing a a job
  • Landing a new gig
  • More status viewers

Those of you who think this way do not understand the value of people and the true meaning of relationships.
You will only have to reverse the wheel to “HACK NETWORKING
Think of what you have to offer first.
Decide to become a giver and you will see networking becomes easier and gainful.

When you become a value giver and start networking with “Giving value in mind” confidence will set in and you will start making a lot of cash out of it.

Now this is a special secret from the depth of my heart


I can go on and on and on but the bottom line is this:
Don’t be stuck in the mindset of gaining.
It’s about transitioning value into people and not collecting value.
Those who are only ready to collect I call them thieves.

When you connect the right way, the value will definitely come to you in return.
I strive hard for a big base status viewer because I wanted to have a space to give value.

Now on Pitching

Your pitch intro

Only in this week, a lot of persons have jumped into my DM and dropped nicknames and I have to be like
Who does that again?
The way you introduce yourself most times is very very wrong

Always do it the proper way by using either your brand name or at least two of your names.
Avoid nicknames ooh!

If you are intent is to strictly use your contact for business then you are free to use your brand name.
Otherwise, use at least two of your names.

You will get to know why

Just this morning, someone just as usual jumped into my DP and was like
“Hi, I’m Mike, I got your number from …”

Now the problem is not whether you are Mike or not, the issue here is this Which of the Johnson?
See my dear, I know a lot of Mike, so which one are you?

Hey, even two names may not be enough where these names are common.
See names like Okeke, Chinedu, Terna, Aboh, Eje are common. So if you are Chinedu Okeke then introduce your 3rd name to help preserve your brand identity.

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Just by the name you use for the introduction, you can lose a lot of opportunities.
Now imagine you met someone and exchange contact and all you did was to tell the person to save your number and Blaise.
When he or she wants to contact you for a contract or something important, searching for Blaise in his or her contact list may bring up a lot of results.

So you see why even all this contact you get from WhatsApp gain groups may only increase your status view just but only over a short period.

This is how you do it.
introduce yourself as:
Other names if your names are common

Na this one deh funny me
“Forgive me for badging into your dm”
You end up sounding like a sorry thief.
I call that lack of confidence and self worth.

Why connecting like a beggar?
Is like breaking into someone’s house and shouting:
“Hey, I’m not a thief but I just broke your door like a criminal forgive me”

That’s not it at all.
After today i know you will learn to connect with confidence.

Simple use a POC
Point of Contact
I call this pure human psychology.
Using a common point of contact will put people in their safe zone

Your Point of Contact could be:

  • A group in common
  • A common interest
  • A shared value

When you use a POC, it’s called connecting warmly.
Don’t just storm their DM as a street rascal will only make them naturally tensed and trigger aggression and cause a release of adrenaline.
This is because every human has a trace of social anxiety.

When adrenaline is triggered, fear is eventually triggered.
That’s why you get insulted ignored or blocked.

Introduce yourself using a POC which will put them in their safe zone.
Something like this:

  • I got your contact from ..
  • I noticed you like Digital skills too …
  • Wow, you are from Benue, am from Benue state too

Please, don’t be too templatic. Using templates always will not help you at all rather I will make you look artificial. Just always apply the principle and forget the method.

Now, don’t attempt to sell or close a deal on your first pitch because this is a horrible act of networking
Please never you do that. It makes you look like the desperate roadside gala.

Never you start your connection pitches with lines like:

  • Hello dear
  • Hi friend
  • Forgive me for bagging into your dm

Some persons will even end it with lines like:

  • Tell me your beautiful name[This one deh scatter my head]
  • Save my contact and reply done and i will send you a gift.
  • Save my contact so that we can view each others status.
  • Make sure you save my contact

Hello, don’t feel guilty, please.

One more thing, avoid using emojis at this point as some persons may find it unprofessional.

Now take a look at a good way to pitch.

I am Loya Iorpine Gabriel Blaise
I got your contact from the Free Website Training
I’m currently working on expanding my network by connecting with like minds and I felt the platform
is really a good one to start with.
I would really love to connect with you, I believe we could have a lot to learn from each other.
Am a Web & Graphics Designer | Digital skill enthusiast
I teach businesses & brands how to reach out to their clients while illuminating digital skills for people to exploit.
You can save my contact as Loya Blaise and reply with your name [Preferrably First & Surname], so I can save yours as well.
If you don’t mind you can also tell me a little about yourself and what you do.

You can see how a lot of secrets are unleashed just in one pitch.

So, I would love to invite you to connect with me at this junction.

👉 will take you straight to my DM

Let’s get doing the networking stuff together on the go.

Your feedback, reactions and questions are welcome.

I’ll like to know what struck you the most in this class?
Whatdidyoulearn? Share with us.