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Write for us

How To Send In Your Post or Article For Publication

You will just have to mail your content to guestpost@blissnaija.com. The email should include:

Guidelines/Agreement for Submit A Blog Post or Submit A Guest Post

  1. Only articles and posts forwarded to guestpost@blissnaija.com in correct format as stated above shall be published on blissnaij.com
  2. All submited guest posts or article most be up to 800 words minimum and should be only withing the topics as started above. Here we consider originality and quality over everything. So for your articel to be published, be original and put quality in your work.
  3. News and politics psots can be from 600 words minimum
  4. Images relating to the article most be attached because this helps in holding readers why going through post.
  5. If your article or post is accepted and published, you will recieved a backlink to reference website or url which will be in the body of the article. We reserve the right to pull that back-link down if found it of harm to our platform.
  6. If found out that the your article or post was copied or reproduced from another site or blog, it shall bot be published and even if its after it has been published, we reserve the right to pull it down. Cases of DMCA shall also be look into appropriately.
  7. Your article or post is your work and shall not remain your property partially
  8. Accepting your content on blissnaija does not make part of the blissnaija website crew

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